Featured Projects

Sapphire Manufacturing


Avid has participated in the successful design /construction of numerous crystal growth facilities worldwide including this 100 furnace – advanced sapphire growth / boule production / fabrication / testing facility… Continue Reading—–>

1366 Technologies


1366 Technologies is a silicon manufacturing provider who has developed a process that allows the cost of solar power to be competitive with the production of coal related energy. This manufacturing…  Continue Reading—–>

Additional Projects

TuftsPortfolio_2Millipore is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Avid Engineers has acted as the preferred MEP/FP consultant for a number of projects in Millipore’s Jaffrey and Bedford Facilities. With this successful history of providing effective solutions at the EMD sites, our designs have provided the complex means of development, organization, and distribution of advanced process systems for various sectors of the company. Avid has worked on site almost continuously for over a decade completing multiple process engineering projects include the  design of dust collection , RODI water, compressed air, process steam, process control systems and ISO-8 clean manufacturing areas.
SG_Portfolio_SMSaint Gobain Belanos is a dynamic worldwide business offering a broad array of innovative technologies in ceramics, high performance substrates, polymers, and glass fabrics. Avid performed a system assessment and renovation to the 400,000 sf manufacturing facility  previously occupied by Evergreen Solar. The designs included the development of a sapphire production room, ISO-7&8 clean rooms, R&D rooms, office fit-outs, and miscellaneous fabrication rooms throughout the facility.
DowAdvanced_SMAvid worked with Dow to relocate their existing extruding process facility located in Rochester NY. Avid Engineers scope included design and renovations to process piping at Dow’s facility in the Marlborough Technology Park. Program included 22,000 square aggregate throughout the ATC, DEX and Cobra Buildings. The process piping design included provisions for combination emergency/shower eyewash stations, an air compressor and a central vacuum system rated 29.3” HG. Gaseous distribution included compressed dry air, and elevated pressure natural gas. Design of tepid water skid and associated distribution, as well as RO/DI water process water and process chilled water distribution.
PolycladPortfolio_SMPolyclad is a vinyl wall, ceiling and laminate product manufacturer for a variety of institutions around the world. Over the years, Avid has acted as the prime design consultant for multiple projects including; New ISO 7/8 Cleanrooms & Manufacturing spaces, explosion proof mix-rooms, and an R&D laboratory relocations. Design effort included; an analysis and assessment of hazardous materials scheduled for use within the laboratories, NFPA 45 Fire protection systems, deflagration venting, XP electric and automated controls distribution, high temperature hot water and cooling fluid design complete with heat exchangers, steam boilers and cooling towers to support process requirements. All spaces were listed as Class-1 Division-1, and designed accordingly.
GL_Portfolio_SMThe Gillette Company is one of the worlds leading producers of health, beauty, and science products. Avid acted as the lead consultant for the renovation of their warehouse mezzanine space into an office and laboratory / testing area for the consumer products division. Spaces included focus group and interview rooms, as well as shaving lab booths and observation rooms. The design included extension of the existing distribution system, new panelboards, lighting and occupancy sensors, continual hot water distribution loop and associated controls to allow each lab booth to set the desired water temperature, and to ensure conditions were equivalent throughout. Specialized exhaust and ventilation systems with multi-speed motors to accommodate varying levels of exhaust. Avid also acted as the prime consultant for project that consolidated a 23,000 SF machine shop. Design included a detailed process of tagging, cataloging and survey of equipment to be relocated. Hoist design, electrical, compressed air and dust collection system were also included in the project scope.