Client: Lowell Redevelopment Authority
CollaboratorsGavin & Sullivan Architects
Completion Date: Fall 2009
Services Offered: MEP-FP/Sustainable Engineering
Project Type: Mixed-Use / Commercial
Project Scale/Location: 100,000 sf/Lowell MA
Project Description: Tremont Yard home was an abandoned site targeted for demolition by Lowell redevelopment authority. The project funded partially by state, local, and federal grants was demolished to the foundation and reconstructed as a 5-story commercial building. The Project contains the latest in sustainable design and construction techniques following LEED and New Building Institute (NBI) standards. Avid was responsible for both the base-building designs and the 5 story tenant fit-out for the new corporate headquarters of Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union. Additional provisions were made to restore the site of several former hydroelectric generators for a new downtown restaurant.