Client: The Waltham Watch Factory
CollaboratorsBruner/Cott Architects and Planners
Completion Date: Various | 2009-present
Services Offered: MEP-FP Engineering 
Project Type: Campus Planning
Project Scale/Location: 400,000 SF / Waltham MA
Project Description: Constructed in 1854, the Waltham complex encompasses 30 buildings and 400,000 SF along the charles river in Waltham MA. The master planning, design and construction was completed in three phases for 12 buildings requiring extensive coordination to comply with the National Historic Parks requirements, with subsequent fit-outs prepared for selected tenants. The final completed project is now a mix of residential lofts, commercial office spaces, and restaurant spaces. Avid main focus was on the evaluation of life-cycle costs, capital expense, aesthetics, acoustics and the effects our systems had on the leasable space.